Friday, September 16, 2016

Nutmeg Poisoning

I have a lot of links this time! First, a shameless plug. The Fall 2016 issue of Connecticut Explored is out now, and I have a story in it. You can buy a copy at these stores in Connecticut, or order one online. Plus, I was interviewed about my piece for the Connecticut Explored podcast, Grating the Nutmeg. You can listen here.

OK, now on to random Connecticut-related links from around the internet lately.

- The NYT explores a New York story that happens to take place in the "sleepy village" of Ivoryton.

- Here's a food website's list of 50 of America's best diners, one in each state. What is it about lists like this that always make me click, just to CTRL-F "Connecticut?" (Their local selection is in Groton.)

- Here's an art website's suggestions for arty day trips from NYC, two of them in CT

-The Wall Street Journal has another story on more CT art, this time in New Britain

-The Boston Globe has yet more art - this time, places around New England where you'll be inspired to create your own. There's one CT pick - you probably guessed it's in Ridgefield.

-More Ridgefield in the WSJ - not art, but real estate. 

-Some more interesting real estate possibilities - you (well, someone) could live in a lighthouse in West Haven.

- This is hilarious, and so Connecticut. Salon has an AP story about 2016 life vs. a 17th c. document in Lebanon

- Is there anything Hamilton can't be tied to? Nope. Apparently, the success of the musical about the short-tempered protean creator of the Coast Guard (sorry!) could even help New London.

- The New England Historical Society has some neat presidential trivia about Branford

- People, which I don't think I've ever encountered outside of a doctor's waiting room, has a great example of a type of story that always cracks me up: the rich, semi-famous couple with a country house in "Connecticut." Not any specific town or region, just, ya know, Connecticut. Because it's all that vast wasteland outside New York, right? Oh wait. People does specify that the location is "quaint." Of course it is.

- And finally (I saved the best for last) the Valley Indy has a story that's sort of about Derby and Shelton but is really about the idiocy of those Best/Worst/Whatever-est Towns listicles.

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