Monday, September 19, 2016

Around Sharon Town Green

In May of 2014 I wrote a little post about the clock tower in Sharon and made a note to return soon to take some more photos of the historic center of this small town. I didn't think that "soon" would mean over two years, but it's OK - this is Sharon, it's not like anything was going to change much.

As I walked around the town green, reading plaques and admiring church doors and perfect houses, one dog took exception to my presence and barked loud enough to wake up all of Litchfield County and possibly a few people in New York State as well. Not knowing if the dog was restrained by an invisible fence or about to tear me limb from limb, I was slightly alarmed. But I didn't blame the dog. I mean, just look at this town - poor puppy probably has to fend off nosy, envious visitors all the time.

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