Friday, August 14, 2015

Nutmeg Poisoning

Happy Friday! Here are some of the Connecticut-related tidbits I've been collecting on my browser's bookmarks toolbar recently:

-It's always a little fun and more than a little bizarre to read about one of the everyday grocery stores of your childhood in Business Insider. (The intern who wrote the piece loved Stew Leonard's; I wonder what he would have made of Finast.)

-Since I don't currently own a TV, it was pure luck that I stumbled across Season 3, Episode 3 of Mysteries at the Monument, which travels to Windham to look at the famous "battle" behind the Frog Bridge in Willimantic. The episode is available on Amazon, and probably elsewhere online, or look out for it on the Travel Channel.

-The New York Post is calling part of the Connecticut Shoreline "the next 'new' Hamptons." [Ed note: Nooooo!!!] Town and Country agrees.

-This American Life did a two-part series on school integration. Part One focuses on Missouri, Part Two on Greater Hartford. It is always fascinating to see how one's own city and state is covered in the national media, and the episode is both inspiring and depressing.

-I found, by accident, New London's old municipal cemetery (located in Waterford.) This is where the city once interred people who did not have money or loved ones to arrange for their own burial. While researching what this unusual cemetery might be, I came across a New York Times article about Connecticut's smallpox cemeteries. I knew that Madison had one (the Madison Historical Society maintains it) but it turns out - quite unsurprisingly - that there are many more.

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