Friday, August 29, 2014

Bridgewater, Again

In February, I trudged through the snow to get a better look at the childhood home of Captain William D. Burnham in Bridgewater.

Last week, I finally was able to return and take a little walk around the center of Connecticut's only dry town.

Bridgewater is one of those Little White Buildings towns. This is the grange hall.

The Village Store is apparently the place to be on weekend afternoons.

Bridgewater also has something for street name aficionados. Of which I am one.

I imagine if anyone did something as crazy as actually sitting on this bench, heads would turn. But it is a very nice bench.

It wouldn't be a small Connecticut town without a white church. (Bridgewater has more than one of these, but this one, even half-hidden behind a tree, struck me as the nicest.)

The Burnham Library (yes, Burnham of the little house in the first photo) has quite the history.

This is the Elijah Peck House, now owned by the Bridgewater Historical Society. It contains an iron kitchen stove, a pair of wedding slippers from 1755, a Sturdevant spinning wheel, and a melodeon. Because that round porch wasn't enough.

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