Wednesday, September 3, 2014

Wallop School

Sometimes I have a lot to say about a schoolhouse. Maybe it has an interesting history, or it's not alone, or I just happen to instantly fall in love with it. But other times I'm just, like, Yup. It's a schoolhouse.

I could say that this is the Wallop School, now a museum run by the Enfield Historical Society. I could write about how it was built in 1754, and how it burned down and was rebuilt in 1800 as the no-frills brick structure you see above, and how it was used as a school up until 1947.

I could also talk about where this schoolhouse is located, in the southern part of Enfield, past tobacco sheds and fields, in the middle of a tangle of short residential streets.

But it's still essentially a rectangle with windows on a traffic island in Enfield. Which seceded from Massachusetts in 1749. Now that's interesting.

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