Friday, June 13, 2014

Nutmeg Poisoning

If you write a blog, you know that along with the very sweet emails from readers telling you how much they like your blog, you also get a bunch of hilarious emails from companies that like to shove spam into the inbox of every blogger they can find. Recently I got what might be my favorite one of these ever:
My name is [redacted], and I’m the Community Outreach Coordinator for [silly company I won’t name]. We’re looking for inspiration for a new nail polish color and we want to hear from great bloggers like you. Have you ever thought about what your own custom color would be?
Now is your chance to shine! To get the community involved in the fun, we’re asking you to create a post sharing some of your favorite images or stories that are inspiration for your own personal color. You can even give it your own unique name. Go ahead! Have fun with it!
I was almost tempted to write back, because I do love nail polish, but I refrained. Though I started thinking, what would I name the shades in a collection of Connecticut-themed polishes? "Orange Orange" and "Old Lyme Lime" and "Sterling Silver"? "Saye and Sele Teal" and "Prudence Crandall Cranberry"? "Mountain Laurel" and "Grapevine"? "Avon Lady" and "East Haddam? I Don’t Even Know Him!"?

I could seriously do this all day. If anyone would like to pay me to do this all day, call me.

Anyway, on to a few nutmeg-y things I've been saving up for a while.

-Here (via the Hartford Courant) is a slideshow of Connecticut islands for sale. You can dream about  living on one of them when your neighbors set off random firecrackers or let their kids pretend to be wolves in the yard all day long.

-Here (via Connecticut Museum Quest) is a look at the spot where America's first silk mill once stood. And here is said silk mill, now part of an exhibit at the Henry Ford Museum in Dearborn, Michigan, of all places. Very sneaky, Michigan. First you take our silk mill and then you bombard our television stations with your tourism commercials. We're on to you.

-The Day made a little time lapse video of the Charles W. Morgan's voyage from Mystic to New London. Watch it.

-Minube asked me to write about 25 Connecticut tourist destinations. They range from the usual favorites to some of my own, more quirky choices.

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