Monday, May 19, 2014

Daniel Glazier Tavern

The Daniel Glazier Tavern, on Willington's town green, was built around 1815.

The Willington Historical Society owns it now.

They have been in the process of restoring it for years, but for the moment it still has a pleasingly ramshackle quality.

On their website, the Willington Historical Society has a list of "tavern keepers of record." They are: Isaac Glazier, Arial Eldridge, Alden Skinner, and Fielder Heath. (Fielder Heath!)

I want to say I like history because the past is a foreign country, and because those who do not know it are doomed to repeat it, and all those deep thoughts from all those deep quotes.

But perhaps it's just because windows look better with one shutter than two, and I like to imagine a time when people were named Fielder Heath.

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