Friday, January 31, 2014

Nutmeg Poisoning

-I was reading the real estate section of Preservation Magazine when I came across this property. And I now sort of almost want to live in a green 1720 "project" overlooking the Connecticut River in Rocky Hill.

-Continuing on the real estate theme, Business Insider has an article on the truly ridiculous house in Greenwich that used to be America's most expensive home. Used to be, until its price was lowered to a measly $130 million. Click on the slideshow at the bottom.

-I was so amused when this showed up in my Google Alerts: photos of University of Hartford students in the 1970s. If they all lost 30 lbs they'd be such hipsters.

-I was even more amused by the first line of this Boston Globe story on Norwalk. Who knew a city so crowded with cars and people that every time I go there I daydream about forcibly relocating half the population to Colebrook could be considered a hidden gem?

-This story has been everywhere, but I had to share it again because oh, the cuteness. UCONN has a new Husky puppy. This cat person approves.

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