Monday, August 12, 2013

Walk/Coffee/New London (2)

Last time, I walked to the Washington Street Coffee House; this time, it's Thames River Greenery on State Street.

(No, I do not live in the Mercer Building. I don't even know if one can live in it. I just like their floor.)

The Garde Arts Center is gorgeous inside. And nicely retro outside, too.

New London is architecturally a big hodge-podge, which I guess is what happens when the British a guy from freaking Norwich burns your town almost to the ground and you have to start building again at a time when many more styles are available to you than they were when you first started. But though you can find pretty much every sort of building here, I always think of that tallest point of the First Baptist Church as a quintessentially New London sight.

This here Mansard-roofed extravaganza is the Bacon building, or Bacon's Marble Block, built in 1868. It was originally used for retail space and a very fancy billiard room. There's a great old faded Uneeda Biscuit ad printed on the side of it. And there's more than you probably want to know about it here.

This is City Hall. Not the original City Hall, exactly - it was built in 1856 but remodeled extensively in 1912. Because they figured out that all buildings need more columns.

If Thames Rivery Greenery doesn't sound like a coffee shop, that's because it's mainly a florist.

And a newsstand. (See the rack of papers in the background, in front of the pastry case?)

Oh it's also a wine shop. And more.


Main Street was changed to Eugene O'Neill Drive in 1970. New London now has no Main Street. The more you know...

One of New London's many murals. This is a cute little video about them.

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