Friday, April 12, 2013

Before The Light Fades

I've passed this lonely red structure on Route 4, a.k.a. Farmington Avenue, in West Hartford, a couple of times. Each time it struck me as almost mystical-looking, something from a dark suburban fairy tale. At the same time, I knew perfectly well that the thousands of people who drive or jog past it every day would laugh at that notion. Familiarity makes the most fantastical things seem normal, and newness can make the most mundane things look wonderfully odd.

I had to be in West Hartford Wednesday evening, and since I had some time, I stopped here by the reservoir in the minutes before sunset.

This is the front of the building, which you don't see from the road. From this angle it looks a little less magical, which - I think - only makes its situation by the reservoir even stranger. But if anyone else shares my fondness for this little building, they're not writing about it. After a (short, admittedly) search, I found no description of what it is.

So although I hardly ever follow that bit of Blogging 101 advice that says to call for comments, I will do it now.

People of West Hartford! What is this thing?


  1. Isn't this near the reservoir? Sort of old groundskeepers house or something?

  2. Yes, right by the reservoir. Pump house or groundskeepers house are the most reasonable guesses so far...

  3. I always wondered too. Since that reservoir was built in the 1860s, I always thought it was the groundskeepers office too since the architecture matches that period. It has considerable investment in its detail for such a small building!



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