Wednesday, March 27, 2013

No. 146

As I said before, Grange Halls are not all aesthetically pleasing. But those that are make up for the rest. Here is the Norfield Grange in Weston.

Norfield sounds like a town in Massachusetts, but it's not. (At least I don't think it is.) Before Weston and Easton became towns, in 1787 and 1845 respectively, they were collectively known as Norfield Parish, a part of Fairfield. Today the Norfield Historic District includes the center of Weston, with the Onion Barn and that little shopping center and - oh, too late, you passed it.

When I was little I thought Weston was so bizarre because they did their 4th of July fireworks in a small field. That just scared the heck out of me. Everyone knows that fireworks should be set off a) far away from the crowd and b) on large bodies of water, so they can't point themselves in the wrong direction and shoot themselves straight at you by mistake. I also thought it was strange that there was nothing in Weston - or so it seemed because the entire town came to Westport if they had to shop or do anything remotely practical.

I would probably not have been impressed back then by the Norfield Grange.


  1. There's an interesting, but not aesthetically pleasing, grange house in Norwich, CT off Route 82 on 395. It's between a gas station and a shopping plaza, and across the street is a hotel. But it has a nice little yard and barely ever looks used too much.

  2. I've lived in Weston all my life (16 years), and I still don't get it. Weston IS a town that makes no sense.



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