Friday, September 14, 2012

Not Another One

The schoolhouses, they won't leave me alone. I started out just loving them, and I still do, but they're becoming oppressive. I'm afraid if I keep posting them I'll bore people, but on the other hand they won't let me stop.

I think I parked here, beside Madison's Green, so I could check my email. Or maybe it was something else entirely unrelated to schoolhouses. And then I looked up and there it was, all fresh and white and bell-towered. It seemed to say to me, "You've been to Madison how many times? You've written about Madison how many times? You're totally aware of the Town Hall and the Congregational Church, but you never noticed there was a schoolhouse right in between them?! You suck." (I guess when I see schools, I think of someone berating me.)

This one is called Lee Academy, and it was built in 1821. The Madison Historical Society has a nice overview of the history of the school and its namesake.

Monday is the first day of Rosh Hashanah, so I will be assiduously observing the holiday taking the opportunity to slack off and trying not to eat all the baked goods, and I'll be back on Wednesday with the next installment of this. Happy New Year (even if you're not Jewish, you can still use another New Year, right?) And if by chance anyone reads this blog for the little rural synagogues, you might be interested in the stuff I've been writing over at the sisterhood blog of the Jewish Daily Forward.

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