Monday, August 6, 2012

A Brief Note On Litchfield County

Oh, Litchfield County. I've been neglecting you. Partly this is because - come on, you know it's the truth - you're a little ridiculous. But mostly it's just because you're all the way over there. Gorgeous, but way the hell up and over there. So far north! And so far west! I mean you might as well be Washington state. But I'm working on remedying the situation. Luckily this involves going to some very beautiful places. Here, for example, is a picture from Sunset Meadow Vineyards in Goshen. And there will be more Litchfield County posts coming up, I promise. 

(And on a different note, for those not following me on Twitter, if you'd like to read more of me rambling on about Connecticut, check out this interview on Connecticut Day Trips. Also, follow me on Twitter already!)

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