Monday, June 18, 2012

Our Children Laugh All Day...

In a lot of ways I'm a failure as an American. I don't like cheeseburgers or soda or theme parks. I have no desire to go to Las Vegas. I don't wear shorts. Baseball bores me to tears. (Though for the record: Yankees.) And, possibly the worst offense, I'm really not that into ice cream. But I do love ice cream stands.

And frozen yogurt. This black raspberry chocolate chip yogurt from Collins Creamery in Enfield was soooo good. And not ice cream! (I try to make up for my failure by liking American flags and lots of ice in my drinks and drive-through banking and driving 11 hours at a stretch and tipping.)

And for once, this kind of cutesy sign isn't being ironic, like, oh whoops, it's all the quiet side, haha. Enfield really does have quiet, rural areas almost Midwestern in their spaciousness, as well as congested, suburban sections and crowded parking lots and a mall.

(P.S. At first I was stumped as far as what to name this post, having already used up my She Loves Me reference. But fortunately my brain is full of remembered musical lyrics where all that French and Greek and Hebrew I studied should probably be, and lots of musicals mention ice cream. Because they're so all-American, of course.)

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