Monday, January 30, 2012


It's always a good feeling to cross a state line, even one you can easily cross by mistake. Even when you're only going to Westerly, RI, crossing that border makes you feel just slightly more free. (Which I guess Roger Williams would appreciate.)

LinkThis is Ninigret, sachem of the Niantics, in Watch Hill. I stayed in Watch Hill once, in the summer of 1991, though I barely remember it at all. In fact it might have been Misquamicut. 1991 was a long time ago, OK? I certainly don't remember this statue. It's very small and located in an odd, off to one side sort of area by the beach. Maybe it makes more sense in-season; in winter it appears to have been left at the edge of a small field, almost in a construction zone.

I think of all of Westerly as mostly looking something like this. (Which is pretty adorable.)

But I kept seeing things more like this, which pleased me. You can get over-loaded on the cute New England, and forget to take time for the quirky/interesting/spontaneous/quaint-in-the-original-sense New England.

In Westerly, for some reason, that side, with its brighter colors, seemed to want to be noticed.

Of course there were plenty of more traditional things to pay attention to, like this fountain in Wilcox Park. It was a bit too cold to stroll through all of this eighteen-acre "Victorian Strolling Park" on this day, but if summer ever comes, I'll be back.

On purpose? Or no?

I got to indulge my inexplicable penchant for taking pictures of alley-ways.

And gates.

And perfectly curving classical facades and pretty lamp-posts.

And random brightly painted sidewalk chairs.

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