Wednesday, February 1, 2012


People don't say "squee" anymore do they? I guess even when they did, "they" were fourteen year old girls. But since I possess neither coolness nor pride, I really did make that sound when I spotted the sign-box on the Harwinton Green. And then I drove around the tiny triangular space looking for a nearby parking spot and sprinted across a potentially quite dangerous road with a blind curve just to take a picture of it. Although this particular sign-box is new, the concept goes back a long way:

This sign box...and the previous generations of sign-boxes and sign-posts, date all the way back to nearly the arrival of the town's original proprietors. Originally simply a post, the box design came along much later. It not only provided directions to travelers passing through to the neighboring towns but also provided a means for the town's government to post legal notices in a centrally located public location. Actually, it was documented that there were a few of these located throughout the town.

The current sign-box replaced "the one that a wayward motorcyclist destroyed in 2006." Well, at east one person crossed that road with less panache than I did.

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