Monday, November 7, 2011

The 8:15 Express to CREEPY!

This free-standing train car in Putnam is a museum. It's dedicated to - no, not that! It's dedicated to Putnam native Gertrude Chandler Warner, author of the Boxcar Children series, which was about some orphans who run away (can orphans run away?) and live in a train car. I guess I should say is about, because I just looked it up and the series seems to have lived on; there are graphic novels now. When I lived a few minutes away from this, and drove past it a few times a day, it always creeped me right out. And it still does!


  1. Hi from Atlanta! This might creep you out, but I'm excited! In researching the genealogy of both my husband and me, it seems the larger percentage of our heritage came from the New London, CT/Westerly, RI area. Both Chandler and Warner are ancestral names's exciting to me to find one of my favorite children's authors is a probable relation (on both my husband's and my tree). Thanks for noting this small thing, which will go in my "Touches with Greatness" chapter, with your permission of course (not that the book will ever be published at the rate I'm going). Many thanks for noting the details on your truly beautiful blog!

  2. Hi Laura, glad you found the post! Good luck with your research.



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