Saturday, August 6, 2011

West Hartford

Lately I've been reading lots of fashion blogs, the kind where girls take pictures of themselves in pretty outfits against interesting backgrounds. Now some impressionable section of my brain keeps telling me I should do that too, every time I see a cool-looking wall or tree. But I don't want to write about fashion, and even if I did, I don't have the wardrobe or the looks (or the patience) to take daily pictures of myself. But when I noticed that my front steps have a really cool texture, which I'd somehow never stopped to look at before, I figured I could at least take a picture of my feet.

Then I went to West Hartford, to which - much like my front steps - I'd never devoted a moment's thought. But I needed to go to a large chain bookstore, and since my local Borders has gone the way of all Borders, I decided to check out West Hartford's Barnes and Noble. It's in Blue Back Square, which is one of those outdoor upscale-ish shopping malls that cause me to vacillate between "Ugh, this is why our nation will be destroyed" and "You know, this is really rather pleasant." I didn't get to see enough of the rest of the city to say anything intelligent about it, but I saw just enough to make me want to go back and check it out. My instinct is that it all might be too upscale-ish for me, but it looked attractive, and busy, and far more established and just...there than I thought it would be. (Because I never really thought about it being there at all, this was a nice surprise.)

Anyway, the B & N and the Library both front onto a little outdoor seating area, which leads to some stairs and this alphabet wall. The reason I only got the end of the alphabet was that three girls were taking fashion-blog type pictures of each other in front of the beginning.

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