Monday, October 12, 2009

Some Thoughts On Stew Leonard's, Arranged Chronologically

3 years old: The guy in the cow suit is REALLY SCARY MOM CAN WE GO NOW???
5 years old: Wow, there's a farm in the parking lot.
10 years old: The grocery store that you go to when Waldbaum's doesn't have what you need.
15 years old: Oh those poor animals, they have to live in a parking lot. And that guy in the cow suit is still kind of terrifying.
17 years old: Seriously, how lame was that. Wait, you mean other places don't have grocery stores full of singing milk cartons and dogs in uniforms playing the banjo? Huh, my formative years were even more traumatic than I previously thought.
32 years old: Um...why is Stew Leonard's being reviewed on Yelp as if it's a tourist attraction? OK, I realize it's sort of unique as grocery stores go, and I love their apple cider, but...really? It's not exactly entertainment. Wait. Maybe for some people it is entertainment. Maybe it fits in that category of Connecticut Things I'll Never Understand, like McMansions, and Madras pants, and Lacrosse. Though I do quite like seasonal displays of pumpkins. Oh, and I don't even want to know about the guy in the cow suit.

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