Friday, January 27, 2017

Nutmeg Poisoning

It's been a while since my last installment of Nutmeg Poisoning. Here's a little sample of what people have been saying about Connecticut (and some additional Connecticut-y finds) from the past few months.

-From Bloomberg, is Stamford a boomtown?

-From Vogue, is Litchfield County the new Catskills?

-This hideous house in Avon went viral for a minute.

-This plan for a ritzy gas station in Greenwich went slightly viral for less than a minute.

-Here is drone footage of Groton.

-Here is drone footage of Stonington.

-Here's U.S. News's road trip to visit Connecticut College in New London.

-On Nature's "Rhinoceros," we learn that every year in the rain-forests of Southeast Asia, "an area the size of Connecticut disappears."

-In National Geographic, we learn about a new "Connecticut-size ocean park."

-From the New York Tines, we learn that Umbria is "smaller than Connecticut."

-From Slate's podcast The Gist, we learn that Gambia is "less than the size of Connecticut."

-Speaking of podcasts WNPR is starting a new thing called Connecticurious - listen to Where We Live to find out more.

-Finally, you may have noticed I'm posting less regularly here lately. This will probably be the case for a while; I have a lot of things going on and hopefully some of them will be interesting enough to share eventually. But for more mostly-Connecticut content from me, you can always follow me on Instagram!


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