Wednesday, October 19, 2016

Boston | South End

I was hesitant to publish two posts in the "Not Connecticut" category back to back, but I figured no one would mind some additional Boston photos.

After wandering around Beacon Hill last week, my friend and I wandered over to the South End, where we wandered some more. I hadn't been in the neighborhood for years, and this time, the South End - though obviously very Boston - reminded me a little of Hartford. (If you've been to both, or read my posts on Capitol Avenue, Congress Street, and Lewis Street, you might see the resemblance too.)

We peeked into tiny adorable hipster stores and wondered how they stayed in business. We admired autumnal decorations and diminutive doors tucked beneath front stoops. We strolled down the middle of empty streets, wondering where Boston residents go on weekends.

After we had wandered long enough that I could feel blisters forming on my toes, I headed limped back to the train station. On the way I passed some white chalk lettering on a brick wall that read: IT MIGHT WORK OUT. Let's hope, chalk graffiti artist of the South End, let's hope.

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