Wednesday, November 25, 2015

Walking on Water | White Memorial Conservation Center

There are many trails winding through the White Memorial Conservation Center, a 4,000 acre sanctuary not far from the center of Litchfield. One goes past the ruins of an early 20th century ice house, and another climbs 1,200 feet to an observation tower overlooking a lake. (There's also a museum showcasing the natural history of the area.)

But the elevated Little Pond Trail, a loop of boardwalk that crosses the Bantam River and twists through marshes and forests, is something special. The narrow path rises and turns, leading you along between the trees and suspending you over deep blue water. It's only a 1.4 mile walk, or so they claim, but as you follow the black-and-white blazes over bridges and around corners, you feel like you have strayed much farther than 1.4 miles from the road, and even further from the ordinariness of daily life.


  1. Happy Thanksgiving. Thank you for your interesting posts and charming pictures (I almost missed the boardwalk message-good catch by you. I'd like to read more about how you caught that one).

  2. fRED - Thanks! I guess I was just looking down, trying not to fall over the edge, and happened to spot it.



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