Wednesday, October 28, 2015

Fleeting Autumn | West Hartford Reservoirs

Remember when the leaves just changed every year, as leaves are wont to do, and no one went to any great lengths to do anything about it? People appreciated their usual drives or walks a little more for a few weeks, but that was mostly it. There were no limited edition takeout coffee cups with leaves printed on them. There was certainly no "leaf peeping." (Such a strange phrase, isn't it? "Peeping" implies a special effort to catch a momentary glimpse, while viewing fall foliage is the opposite of that; changing leaves are everywhere, you couldn't avoid seeing them if you tried.)

But now, fall is a thing. With foliage comes pressure. After all, you have just a short window to capture the autumnal trees in all their fragile spectacle - one untimely storm or strange stretch of weather could doom them. Afraid that I would soon wake up and look out my window to find bare branches and a street full of withered brown leaves, I hurried to the walking trails at the West Hartford Reservoirs. Luckily, I was not too late. There the leaves were, yellow and red and orange and green, still, but also pale peach and rose and colors I couldn't name. So don't panic. There's still time.

In related news, yesterday I (along with fellow Connecticut writer Jan Mann) was a guest on the WESU Middletown radio show "For Women Over 40," talking about fall travel. Though I'm not yet 40, I hope I gave some tips - including about where to see foliage - that will work for travelers of all ages. The show is available on the WESU website for the next two weeks, as well as on host Cyma Shapiro's For Women Over 40 website, where you can also listen to an earlier show we recorded about traveling in Connecticut.

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