Friday, June 19, 2015

Nutmeg Poisoning

Happy Friday. Have an overdose of Connecticut.

-Matt Debenham writes for Buzzfeed about what it's like to live as an adjunct professor in Westport. Well, he never says it's Westport, just "one of the most expensive [towns] in the country" where your kid's friend's mom might say to you, “Your house is so cute! Is it your only one?” So we all know.

-The New York Times notices that "locally made cheeses are having a moment" in Connecticut.

-American Dirt has an interesting view of a topic that might not sound very interesting at first: the Brass Mill Center, that rather sad shopping mall in Waterbury.

-Robert Sietsema and Nick Solares explore Connecticut (the geography of which, they write, includes "small mountains scattered seemingly at random, creating isolated pockets of habitation") for an Eater NY piece on the state's best "franks, burgers, and fried clams."

-Trend CT analyzes the data on Dunkin' Donuts stores in New England. (Hartford and New Haven both make the list of top five DD-saturated towns in the region.)

-New London's Ledge Light and Norwalk's Sheffield Island Lighthouse appear on this Country Living slideshow of the "30 Most Beautiful Lighthouses in America."

-And finally, file under "So this happened..." Hartford (specifically, the Mark Twain House) is in Domino.

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