Friday, March 13, 2015

Nutmeg Poisoning

It's been a while since I compiled a round-up of Connecticut bits and pieces. Here are some I've been saving up.

-The New York Times had a story on Connecticut's tearooms.

-And one on living in Wilton. ("To live happily in Wilton, you should enjoy driving.")

-Gawker got a lot of attention for publishing this stupid tirade about how nothing good comes from Connecticut. (I think someone needs an Edible Arrangement.)

-The New England Historical Society has a brief  guide to old New England taverns.

-The Colin McEnroe Show had a discussion about spices - including nutmeg, of course.

-It's not Connecticut-specific, but Yankee Magazine has a little history of New England house colors. (Some of these seriously need to be eyeshadow colors.)

-From i09, there's the story of when Daylight Saving Time was illegal in Connecticut.

-Town and Country lists 27 ways to know you're from Connecticut. By which they mean 27 ways to know you're a certain kind of person from an area that covers about 1/8 of Connecticut.

-Design Sponge has an updated guide to Litchfield. (For a New York-based site, they're pretty low on the Connecticut stuff. I pitched them a Quiet Corner guide once, but it went the way of all pitches about the Quiet Corner because no one outside of Connecticut wants to know about the Quiet Corner. More Quiet Corner for us!)

-And finally, on Instagram, I found a company that makes (among other adorably twee creations) Husky rings. (Speaking of Instagram, follow me there!)

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