Monday, November 3, 2014

A Collinsville Stroll

Confession: I thought I had already written a whole post on Collinsville. But when I went back and checked, I realized was thinking of a short travel piece about the Farmington River Trail that I wrote in 2012.

Collinsville, like many other towns in Connecticut, is a little pocket of adorable brought to you by the production and sale of some truly terrifying weapons. (It's also like many other towns in Connecticut in that it isn't really a town; it's technically a section of Canton.)

If you like the idea of browsing in a multi-story antiques mall or strolling by the river in the place where John Brown came to order a whole bunch of pikes as a prelude to kicking off the Civil War, then you'll love Collinsville. And you could probably be my friend.

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