Monday, September 22, 2014


My aunt and uncle used to collect hippopotamuses. (Hippopotami?) Not the animals, it should go without saying, but little hippopotamus figurines. The tiny hippos could be found on shelves and other surfaces around their house, and it was all very cute, but after decades of this they reached a hippo tipping point and asked everyone to please stop giving them hippopotamuses because it was getting out of hand. They didn't want to be those people.

That's a bit how I feel now when I blog about one-room schoolhouses. There are just so many out there, each one as sweet as the next. But if I keep stopping to photograph them, will I start to look like a complete loon? Will I be, effectively, that person who goes from appreciating miniature hippos/old schoolhouses to hoarding them, boring visitors with tales of how each was acquired? I don't know. But while I figure it out, here is Harwinton's First District School House.

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