Friday, August 15, 2014

Nutmeg Poisoning

-A few weeks ago, Ann Nyberg's Network Connecticut featured a new book of amazing photographs (there's video, including an interview with the photographer, too) of abandoned buildings in the state.

-I interviewed two sweet and skilled local businesswomen and wrote about their Etsy team, the Nutmeg Collective, for Hartford City Center HamletHub. If you want to shop local without leaving your house (entirely understandable, btw) this group is the answer.

-Google Alerts can be hit or miss (I know more than I ever wanted to know about what's happening in all those other Hartfords) but sometimes they turn up really neat stuff, like this Walker Evans photograph of Bridgeport. 

-Another Google Alert gem: this blog post about the restoration of the East Hartford gravestone of Abigail Pitkin, plus a biography of her father William Pitkin III. He was Connecticut's last colonial governor (depending on whether you count Jonathan Trumbull) and also held the badass-sounding title of Captain of the Trainband, East Society, from 1730 to 1738.

-Finally, what's even better than the Battle of Stonington? A bicentennial celebration of that battle attended by a 106-year old who remembers the centennial celebration 100 years ago (via WNPR.)  

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