Friday, July 11, 2014

Red-White School

When I saw this schoolhouse, with its accents of perfect turquoise-green, I had to stop. Built in 1873 in the North Woodstock section of Woodstock, this white building replaced an earlier school building, which had been painted red, and therefore is known as the Red-White School.

This school made me think of the schoolhouses-turned-homes you sometimes see in magazines, like this one in the Catskills. In reality I imagine living in a school could be a nightmare (or that it would cause me to have literal nightmares about the nasty little pieces of work who threw kickballs at me at Long Lots Elementary.) But I found myself standing on the grass staring up at this one thinking, "Would it be difficult to put a driveway in here? Would I use both front doors?"

So Woodstock, if you ever want to sell this schoolhouse for $5, call me. I'll think about it.


  1. The marker says "continued." Did the text continue on the back?

  2. Ben - yes, as is typical of that type of historic marker, the writing was on both sides. Here's a photos of the front and back:



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