Friday, June 27, 2014

Brick School

A few weeks ago on Twitter, Peter Marteka, who finds amazing trails and parks and woods and wetlands (that I always kick myself for never having heard of) and explores them in nature columns for the Hartford Courant, asked me if I'd been to the Brick School in Coventry.

I hadn't. I'd been to something like 50 other schoolhouses, but not that one.

So the next time I drove out to Coventry for the Farmers' Market, I stopped at the schoolhouse on the way. (It's not technically on the way, but just go with my little story here for a minute.)

And as soon as I parked beside, it, I realized that I had been here before.

It may have been during the pre-blog period of my life, or perhaps I was just too preoccupied at the time to stop. But I distinctly recalled seeing the small brick structure years ago, and simply driving on.

One thing about the Brick School, now that I've given it proper attention: as cute as it is, what I like best about it is the rustic-looking sign out front and this very small wooden bench. I guess after seeing dozens of schoolhouses, many of which look very much alike, you start to appreciate the little things...

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