Friday, February 21, 2014

Nutmeg Poisoning

- This post at Connecticut Food & Farm makes me want to go to Stonington's Velvet Mill right now. But I will wait for a day when the Stonington Village Farmers' Market is running.

-Goodnight Blue Moon's "Captain's Church" is about a stormy chapter of New Haven history, and the video for the song was filmed in Fair Haven.

-Add another person to the "Whoa, they lived in Noank?!" list: Amelia Earhart.

-The Hartford Courant has been publishing some wonderful stuff for its 250th anniversary. I particularly like this piece on Wallace Stevens being ignored by...the Hartford Courant.

-If you're on Twitter, follow @ConnProud. If not, just take a few minutes not to click through the amazing photos. 

- I turned on the TV the other day and Wild Russia was on Animal Planet. Wolves were prowling about the frozen Siberian wilderness and I swear, the first thing the narrator said was that a wolf pack roams throughout a territory "about the size of Connecticut." Of course.

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