Friday, January 10, 2014

Nutmeg Poisoning

-The January 2014 issue of Hartford Magazine has a long piece on Newington, which confirms my suspicions that Wikipedia was wrong and this thing is not the old Newington Junction station.

-I don't listen to the Faith Middleton Show often, but Elizabeth told me about an interesting moment during this show on Connecticut food. At about 20:00, guests Eric D. Lehman and Amy Nawrocki discuss how Connecticut has failed to brand its culinary traditions, while other states have successfully fixed their names to the foods they are famous for today. (A problem, I would say, that goes way beyond food.)

-I love the beautiful images that fill Amy Merrick's blog. Quite a few of her posts have to do with Connecticut, though unfortunately she doesn't use tags/labels so I can't just link them all at once. But I had to quote this line: "I mean, she was from Connecticut, she could behave herself if she needed to."

-I think of Mark Twain as having lived just down the street from me here in Hartford, but he also owned a country house in Redding. The Wall Street Journal has a piece about the house, which is for sale. And there's a slideshow.

-I have a rather pathetic relationship with bread. I love it; it wants to put me to sleep. I try to avoid it most of the time, especially if I need to be working or behind the wheel of a car or doing anything  requiring basic cognizance for the next several hours. But recently I tried the olive sourdough from Sono Baking Company & Cafe good. Spent most of the next day semi-asleep in bed, but so good. I probably won't do that again, but if your relationship with bread is less pathetic than mine, go get some of this stuff now.


  1. Actually, if you read the fine print, it isn't Mark Twain's house. The house he lived in burned down in 1923, and this is a replacement built two years later on the foundations. So it is Mark Twain's basement.

  2. You are absolutely right. The branding problem goes way beyond food. It's up to people like us to take it all back. Food, booze, art, literature, sports...all of culture. People in Texas or New York know who they are because their culture is clearly defined. We need that, too.



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