Friday, September 13, 2013

Plain Confusing

I made myself a little list to help distinguish between Plainville and Plainfield. Perhaps you will find it useful too.

Plainville has 'ville' in it. Plainfield has 'field' in it.

I'd never been to Plainville until now. I've been to Plainfield a bazillion times.

Plainville is in Hartford county. Plainfield is in Windham County.                                    
Plainville was part of Farmington. Plainfield has probably never heard of Farmington.   
Plainville was incorporated in 1869.  Plainfield was incorporated in 1699.
Plainville used to manufacture carriages. Plainfield used to manufacture textiles.
Plainville: 84 runs through it. Plainfield: 395 runs through it.   
Plainville claims to be the geographic center of CT; Berlin and others disagree.

Plainfield was originally called Quinebaug; it probably should have stuck with that.
Plainville has this diner. Plainfield does not have this diner.

I hope that helps.

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