Wednesday, August 28, 2013

No Expectations

There are still towns in this state that I have no impression and no opinion of whatsoever. Not many, but a few.

Watertown was one of these. When reminded of its existence, usually by a reference to the more populated and better-known Watertown, MA*, I found it hovering in the back of my mind like a vaguely imagined, lesser version of Waterbury. Except without any of the interesting things I knew to be in Waterbury.

So Watertown was pretty much a complete blank. And I love complete blanks, because when I know about something, even a little, I have to research it and read all I can about it before I either get bored or have to stop and do actual work (i.e., usually, researching something else.) But when I know nothing, I can drive through Watertown one day and be thoroughly surprised.

 Watertown's Town Hall building is not particularly unique, as Connecticut architecture goes, but there was something so striking about it that I had to stop. I just wasn't anticipating Watertown looking like that.
Then again, I wasn't anticipating Watertown looking like anything.

*Here is an amusing article in the Hartford Courant about the 40 (!) pairs of towns in Connecticut and Massachusetts that share names. Watertown included.


  1. Do you have an impression or opinion of Barkhamsted?

  2. Pretty, forested, I got wicked lost there once:

    Would get lost there again!

  3. Mr. Kaplan you were here in 2013 You missed the scaffolding on the front that was there for 20 years. Town rented it until 2006, then bought it from them to save money. Town spent the repair funds for other things.



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