Monday, August 5, 2013

Martin Park, East Hartford

Some things never get old, even though they're always essentially the same. One example: videos of servicemembers being welcomed home from deployment by ecstatic dogs. Another example: the practice of wrangling a bunch of historic buildings from all over a town and placing them together in one spot.

Stratford did it, Norwalk did it, Waterford did it, and I just found out recently that East Hartford did it too. I was going to be in Hartford and would have to pass through East Hartford anyway, so I decided to stop at Martin Park.

Blacksmith shops aren't as common as schoolhouses or corn cribs. I think the first one I found was in Preston City. East Hartford's Burnham Blacksmith Shop has a more unusual color scheme going on.

I didn't see any ghosts in the windows of the Makens Bemont House, but there was a sign that read "Sorry, We're Closed."

 Which was fine, I was perfectly happy outside with the tree.

 And taking pictures of the side door.

And yes, of course there's a schoolhouse. The Goodwin Schoolhouse, from 1821, to be exact.

This park was completely empty in the middle of the afternoon on a sunny Saturday. Great for taking pictures, but come on East Hartford! Go play with your historic buildings, they seem lonely.

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