Friday, August 16, 2013

"'Bridgeport?' said I..."

I quite enjoy taking pictures of white buildings - obviously - but after so many posts full of so many towns that look so much alike, I do start wishing more buildings around here came in other colors. And no, that faded barn red doesn't count. I want real colors, and lots of them, like someone walked into a paint store and said "Yes, give me them all."

For example: I recently came across some pictures of Burano, an island off of Venice in Italy where every little building is painted a different bright shade, and was transfixed. Living there must be like hanging out in a massive tub of colored sprinkles.

This is not exactly Burano; it's Bridgeport. But Captain's Cove, better known for its restaurant and bar on Black Rock Harbor, also has a string of lilliputian shops of various hues. It's such a nice change from all the sameness. And you don't even have to take a boat to get there. Although you could...


  1. I love it! Glad to see that someone is posting about something positive about that city! A fun read and look, as usual!

  2. Those are lovely! You'd maybe like Portree (and you no longer have to take a boat to get their either, since they built a bridge)



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