Wednesday, July 10, 2013

We're Everywhere, Part 4

Not all the little buildings in Columbia are white. This one, as you see, is painted red, albeit it an unassuming red. In fact this structure, in a residential neighborhood on what passes in Columbia for a major road, is even more unassuming in real life than it is in this picture. Maybe you're thinking why should it be assuming, it's just a house? But look closely.

It's really another rural synagogue. (Previously.) This one is called Agudath Achim, and of all the synagogues I've posted about so far it was the hardest to find information about. But it seems the congregation was founded in 1921 and a shul first built at this location in 1927. The building pictured here was built in 1952.

In searching for this I found this picture of the Kaplan family (no, not related) of Columbia, c. 1929. I love this picture. I miss the days when you could rock a schmatte and ugly shoes and still get a dapper man in suspenders and a little cap.

Anyway, the exciting news in Connecticut Jewish history recently has been this discovery in Chesterfield. Which I'll get to eventually, I'm sure. But this Columbia synagogue has been on my list for so long that I was really excited to finally get out there and find it.

Oh, and I guess it would be a bit much, but how much do I want a house with a Magen David railing now?

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