Monday, February 25, 2013

Killingworth Schoolhouses, Take Two

Back in early December, I found a rare green schoolhouse in Killingworth, and noted that it was one of seven (or eight) that still exist in the town. They're not all as special as the green one. One is part of the Resident State Trooper's house at the traffic circle where Route 81 meets Route 80. One is unrecognizable as a portion of the VFW hall. One (the Black Rock School, above) belongs to the Killingworth Historical Society.

One is an antique store, open by appointment only, located on private property (and currently half-obscured by a lovely mid-February dirty snow mound.)

But this one is a little different.

The former Pine Orchard School is located on the grounds of Parmelee Farm, a historic property now owned by the town. A little cracked and peeling, it seems to have been abandoned here, like a puppy someone stole and couldn't care for. (It wasn't; it was moved to this location on purpose.)

Had I not been looking for it, I would have been surprised to come across it here, in a clearing on a sheet of ice near the start of a nature trail. Though I should know by now that in Connecticut, schoolhouses can show up anywhere.

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