Monday, December 31, 2012

No. 133

Along with schoolhouses, libraries, corn cribs and the odd former sheriff's office, granges are often good sources of road-side entertainment. (I'm using the word entertainment somewhat loosely here.)

This one is in Fairfield, home of two of my favorite totally unexpected finds on this blog, the windmill and the powder house. This is surprising to me because the place Taylor Swift called "your sad empty town" is not one I'd ever imagined to be brimming with interesting sights.

(OK, I have no idea if she meant Fairfield, she could have meant any town John Mayer ever lived in - or it could have been a metaphor, does Taylor Swift get that deep? - and I really don't want to wade through the parts of the internet where Taylor Swift trivia that precise would be kept.)

Not every grange building is noteworthy. (Some just look like houses. There's a collection of them here, if you're inclined to waste an hour looking at things like that.) But some are perfect little hold-outs from an agricultural past that sometimes appears to be dwindling down to nothing. And some have mint-green benches on their front porch.

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