Friday, December 28, 2012

Cold Perfection

The first time I saw Litchfield (that's Litchfield Borough, the town center of the town of Litchfield, in Litchfield County, now are you more confused or less?) I thought it was impossibly perfect.

Shortly after that I met someone from Litchfield, a girl who happened to be in the ridiculously easy English class required of all freshman at my university. I remember only that we both wished the tests Connecticut had made us take in high school (called some acronym I now forget) would have enabled us to test out of that ridiculous English class, and that she totally reinforced my feeling that Litchfield was impossibly perfect.

She was really blond, and I'm blond, so when I actually notice and define someone else as blond, they're giving off some serious blond vibes.

Every time I've returned to Litchfield since then, it and its inhabitants have done nothing to dissuade me of their perfection.
It's even lovely in the freezing cold, which is why I included it in this piece on winter Connecticut travel ideas.

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  1. Your photographs are fantastic. A branch of my father's family is from Litchfield Co., way back when, but I've never been. It was nice to take a little tour.




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