Wednesday, November 21, 2012

The List

Someone not from Connecticut asked me recently if I had a list of places to blog about, believing (I think) that without a list I'd quickly run out. Anyone who knows Connecticut knows that of course you can't run out - the real problem is the opposite. I said that though I didn't always have a list - at first I just wrote about wherever or whatever I happened to find, whenever I happened to find it - I have one now. It has outgrown the small notebook in which it originally lived and now takes up multiple pages of a larger notebook. Alarmingly, it just keeps expanding.

On the list are towns and cities and parks and trails and beaches and buildings and monuments and oddities and things that just crack me up, like this antique store in Clinton. What cracks me up about it is not the building above, but the sign:

So funny. But so depressing. But so funny.

Anyway. Also on the list are questions, of the sort that bounce around my addled brain and will probably never get into the blog, like whether Harpers Ferry Road in Waterbury has anything to do with John Brown, and how many syllables are in Leete.

I've been adding more winter ideas to the list recently, since in past winters I let weeks and months go by without blogging while cold and snow kept me indoors. This winter, there will be more about books and shopping and history and other inside, inclement-weather-friendly topics.

That's assuming there is a winter, that this wasn't the extent of it. Because it is Connecticut, so you never know.

I'll be back on Monday. Have a Happy Thanksgiving!

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  1. Leete, as in William Leete, is one syllable.



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