Monday, June 25, 2012

Days of Wine and Roses

I had never noticed before that the arms of Adirondack chairs are just the right shape for a wine glass. I was at (obviously) Saltwater Farm Vineyard - which is possibly my favorite of the vineyards I wrote about here - with Elizabeth of Connecticut Day Trips.

Someone once said to me, "Your photos never have any people in them!" And it's mostly true. I did take other pictures of the 1930s airplane-hangar-turned-tasting-room, and they had people in them - whole bridal parties full of people in fact. But the contrast between the aluminum-covered structure and the neat rows of grape vines, which makes this place so unique, just looked better in the pictures that were people-free.

Oh, there's a person! (A very small person, but still.)

At one point my earring made a break for it and threw itself into the grass, where somehow - despite my not having moved from the Adirondak chair - it managed to travel far enough away that I couldn't find it. (If this song had been written in Connecticut, it would have been called Wine Makes Her Accessories Fall Off. That would be the classy version, ya know.)

It was a perfect day to sit looking out at the vines and the flowers and the sky.

And to walk down to the water and watch an Amtrak train speed by.

And then, being in Stonington, I was able to go to A.K. Dasher, which I've mentioned before, and get some replacement earrings! Because there's not much you can do with one hoop, unless you're a pirate. And because you can't find sterling silver earrings for $8.50 just anywhere.

And then we wandered around the Borough, where the doors are always inviting.

And the flowers are always, somehow, wonderfully matched with the nearby plaques.

And they aren't letting that little War of 1812 Anniversary thing get in the way of their flags.

And then we went to a place we had both independantly wanted to go for, like, ever, Dog Watch Cafe. (We also both independantly got lost on the approximately one minute trip to the restaurant, and while I was driving in a big stupid loop, I glanced at the map on my smart phone and it thought I was in the water.)

But I got there (entirely overland) and had a salmon sandwich that looked so good I had to become one of those people who takes photos of food instead of just doors. (It tasted even better than it looked.)

You can't walk around Stonington Borough with a camera and not stop for the roses. They must be fiercely competitive about them, because they're perfect all the time. I'm glad I don't live in a place where you'd feel obliged to always have your fence adorned with perfect roses. But I'm very happy I live just a few minutes away.

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