Friday, May 25, 2012

Happy Friday

I'm not too much of a "Happy [Whatever]!" person, except on certain holidays. I'm just not usually that perky. But because I seem to have collected a bunch of very happy pictures recently (and because I have to force myself to be happy or else this rain will destroy me), here I go. It's like my version of My Favorite Things.

Little red wagons.

And hanging flower baskets.

And a jumble of 19th century literature.

And drinks.

And things painted turquoise. (If the above three pictures made you want to go antiquing, they were taken here.)

And shop cats on leashes.

And 2/$5 Old Navy flip-flops.

And old bridges.
And the novelty of Package Stores being open on Sunday. (Yes, this really was taken on a Sunday.)

And signs that are just as Connecticut as all get out.

And the fact that there is such a thing as a Wild Flower Test Area.

And now, if it will only stop raining for longer than one day at a time, I will be very happy indeed.

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