Friday, February 10, 2012

The Lost Kingdom Of East Haven

It's visible from the highway, I-95 Northbound, off to the right between exits 52 and 53. In the warmer months it's obscured by trees, but when the leaves are gone it appears there atop a hill, looking (at least at 65mph) like a ruin, a watchtower, perhaps, or the one remaining turret of a crumbled castle.
You can drive to where you should be able to reach it, in East Haven on Lake Saltonstall. But you can't get up to where it is; the roads are blocked by gates. With the zoom lens of a cheap point & shoot camera, you can get as close as this: a short residential street in the shadow of the hill. You can stand there on the sidewalk looking up and realize it's probably just a water tower. But that's not very exciting, is it...

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  1. was thinking about that tower today. i like what you wrote.



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