Friday, September 30, 2011

Finally Seymour

There's something about Seymour. Ever since I went there for this story, I've been meaning to go back. It reminds me of a little mini-Putnam. And I once liked Putnam so much, I moved there.

Seymour is very much about Antiques.

And strange little touches.

There are things in Seymour, like this pedestrian bridge over the railroad tracks from the downtown area to a sort of little parking lot, that I'm sure are very useful, but I can't figure out exactly why.

Overall a casual, old-fashioned, put-all-your-wares-out-on-the-sidewalk feeling prevails.

And there is, apparently, a Pumpkin Festival.

Chairs, the kind that aren't for sale, also get to be out on the sidewalk.

And colors that are a bit more Mississippi than Connecticut come together.

From above it looks like a 1950s postcard (with more contemporary cars.)

And though it feels pleasantly forgotten, it is connected to the wider world, via the Waterbury Branch of the New Haven Line.

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  1. The next time you stop by Seymour, or are on your way somewhere on Route 8, make it a requirement to stop at Zois Pizza Palace down the block from the pedestrian bridge. They have my favorite Greek Pizza. I have been going there for all of my 25 years on earth, and will remain a lifelong fan.



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