Wednesday, June 15, 2011

Little Red Houses

This house (or shed?) was built in 1801. I know because there's a small plaque by the door that says so. What it is, or was, or whether it always stood in the middle of what is now essentially a traffic island in Clinton, I don't know either. It's terribly cute - it looks slightly less cute in this picture because I took it leaning out of my car window from a funny angle, there being nowhere to park nearby. So it appears larger here than it does when you approach it from the front and involuntarily say, "Oooh, cuuute!" There are a lot of buildings like this - historic, random, adorable, difficult to observe from anywhere other than a passing car - in Connecticut, and so far I haven't tired of seeing them. When I do, I guess that will mean it's time to move again...

Update: This is not a house or a shed, but a former schoolhouse. See more about it here.

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