Saturday, June 18, 2011


A few weeks (months?) ago I drove past this cemetery in Stonington - it's called both Evergreen Cemetery and Stonington Cemetery - and I saw this building, and thought, "WTF is that?! A church* for gnomes?" From the street, it looked teeny-tiny. I didn't have time to stop then, so today I went back.** Once I was standing there next to it, it looked much less diminutive. But it's still kind of stunted; it makes me think of the top of some great cathedral, chopped off and laid on the ground. The cemetery only dates from 1849, but this looks older. Like it should be hidden in some European woods. Very cute. Though I didn't see any gnomes.

*Technically, I believe, it's not a church but a chapel. Which makes more sense. But my Jewish brain automatically identifies anything pointy and Christian-looking as a church.

**I went to a church. (Or a chapel.) On purpose. And it wasn't someone's wedding. Connecticut has seriously affected my brain.

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