Friday, January 29, 2016

Nutmeg Poisoning

My list of Connecticut-y things I want to share with the world is rapidly growing, so I thought today I'd post another (rather Hartford-heavy) installment of Nutmeg Poisoning.

-First, here's a new podcast. The Raduis Project, from WNPR, chooses one Hartford location per episode and explores the area one half-mile around that spot. And it's fascinating.

-Second, here's another new podcast. This one comes from the editors of Connecticut Explored and State Historian Walt Woodward. It's about Connecticut history, because what else would it be about, and it's called Grating the Nutmeg, because what else would it be called.

-Third, here are a few Connecticut-based blogs and Instagram accounts. I just recently learned about Books and Baubles (bookstores and other fun places to shop and explore near Middletown) and The Rustic Life (lifestyle, decor, and more, from Glastonbury.) The Front Door Project has been on my radar for a long time, but after West Hartford blogger Deb Cohen kindly recommended The Size of Connecticut in a post about New England Blogs to Follow I realized I had never featured her here. Her blog and very popular Instagram does what it says on the tin, with an added focus on preservation.

-Fourth, in November, CSPAN's Cities Tour came to Hartford to "visit literary and historic sites" and interview "local historians, authors, and civic leaders." The footage recently aired on Book TV on CSPAN2  and American History TV on CSPAN3

-Fifth, Mental Floss published an article called 25 Things You Should Know About Hartford, Connecticut; one is a reminder that in 2006, a promotional campaign for the city "included a highway billboard that read: 'Come to Hartford. I Swear, It’s Fun.'"

-And finally, a little bit of Connecticut (indirectly, of course) in a pretty hilarious New Yorker cartoon.

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