Friday, July 17, 2015

Nutmeg Poisoning

-I love a good state flag take-down. (Like the one from the Hairpin I linked to back in 2011.) Here's another from the Washington Post. ("Go home, Connecticut. You're drunk.")

-The New York Times found the curviest stretches of railroad in the Northeast Corridor. If you ride the train in Connecticut, be prepared to be afraid. ("The curve in Stonington, Conn., is the sharpest on the corridor.")

-My friend Jen Sharp (aka @CyclinArchivist) is writing about archives in Hartford in a series called Hartford Out of the Box. The first post is about music in Bushnell Park. ("Hartford has music in its soul.")

-Speaking of Hartford, WATCH THIS: Hartford by Drone.
-And finally, last week, I - along with my friend Steve Wood of Connecticut Museum Quest and historian Bill Faude - returned to WNPR's Where We Live for a third time to talk about everything that's weird in this whacky state. Because Connecticut Is Still Eccentric.

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  1. I wrote about Connecticut's wine history for our Wine and Dine magazine, and that insult is particularly appropriate considering the grapevines on the state flag. I was also highly amused to find out that a temperance group protested how the USS Connecticut battleship was going to be christened with wine instead of Connecticut water (the Navy's reply: "We thought you'd be glad that we're spilling the wine instead of drinking it. What gives?").



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