Wednesday, July 31, 2013

Long Way Round, Rhode Island

You can get to Providence from New London on I-95. But why would you, when you can get there on back roads?

When life gives you lemons, put some HFCS in them and sell them by the roadside!

Hopkinton, RI is named for Stephen Hopkins, four-time governor of Rhode Island and, for the theatre people, the guy who keeps drinking rum in 1776.
This is a post office in Hopkinton.
Don't you want brass letters on your chimney now?

Lickety Splits is a Rhode Island chain, but amazingly (to me) there are also ice cream shops with this same name all over the country, meaning a whole lot of different people separately came to the conclusion that it was perfectly acceptable.

Every time I drive past this bookstore I say that someday I'll stop and go in.

I haven't done it yet, but I will.

Kingston has a beautiful old train station, but it also has this rather amazing little structure, which the internet tells me is a switch tower.
Historical societies always get the best buildings.

Whenever one door closes, a bunch of green shutters open.


  1. Hi there. I found you via a Google Alert for "Rhode Island," and I'm doing basically the same type of blog in Little Rhody.

    Thanks for the Ocean State shout-out. I haven't even been to Hopkinton yet!

  2. Thanks:-) Will definitely check out your blog!



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